Lantern Festival - a Festival of light

what's up guys welcome back to another blog and today is exciting because we are checking off something from our bucket list. 

We are here in Chiang Mai at the Yi Peng lantern festival and this regional specific to Chiang Mai and the Lanna Kingdom. 

There are over 5,000 attendees at this event and we are super excited about this.

 So many we booked really last minute and we were super lucky to find this company called Asia Highlights. 

We sent them an email they were able to snag us two VIP tickets. 

They were amazing getting us these tickets really last-minute because they sell out super fast. 

so if you're ever in the situation where you want to see the lantern festival in Chiang Mai go to Asia Highlights.

 We're gonna leave their link down in the description below. I'm just really thankful that they had great customer service and were able to help us out. 

Go check them out. Sowe has a lot of stuff on our itinerary tonight

we have a nice dinner underneath the stars, we have this beautiful performance to watch and then the lantern festival. so it's gonna be really cool.

 So right here behind me, you can see they have all this stuff set up for dinner and this is where we're gonna be having our dinner underneath the stars. they have these mats laid out with pillows and little tables, so cool. thank you

 We just got in here well this is crazy there are so many people. 

But they gave us here at the Yi Peng festival candles that we can use to also celebrate Loy Krathong here as well. We're going to go light these now.

 you have to make a wish for the new year when you put your candle down. They offer a lot of traditional Thai snacks for everybody but there are long lines of people to get to all these snacks. 

We're going to try and go cut everybody. what do you get there babe? Potatoes and a turnip and then we're getting rice crackers. thank you so much all right we got our snacks, what is that? oh, coconut rice wrapped in a banana leaf. It's really good you like that.

 I like these they're like little mini rice cakes I don't know if we sit wherever we want or how this works We got all of our food a mixture of some fruit and I don even know what. 

What did you get? I have no idea absolutely no clue but it all looks really good This is mango sticky rice that's too easy but it's the blue rice does it taste any different than normal rice? no. 

so the event we're at right now for Yi Peng is actually a paid ticketed event if you couldn't tell the actual celebration is just celebrated across the streets of the old city and throughout Chiang Mai.

 however if you see any of the pictures online of tons of lanterns all in one space, that always from the ticketed event. 

there are around five ticketed events that happen.a few of them are right on the full moon and then a few the day after and the day before.

 we decided to do this event the day after the full moon so that we could show you guys all of the Loy Krathong festivities on the day of the full moon.

 so now we're here the day after celebrating this and it's interesting so far but I am really excited to release the lanterns.

 I think we stumbled upon a Thai wishing tree. I don't really know what the Thai name for this would be but it reminds me of the one we saw at the Keh Lok Si temple in Penang Malaysia.

so what you do is you grab one of these gold leaves and write your name and your wish and then hang it on the tree and it's supposed to come true as always, I'm going up to the top of the level here. Not many people get that high. you're like the tallest person in Thailand right now.

 I hope that wish comes true. we're trying to get like a really cool Instagram shot and what this guy is doing he's launching off these huge sparklers and it's throwing off this big v-shape of sparkles it looks 

so freakin awesome and I'm standing in front of it and Stacia is trying to take a photo and the sparks are all falling on top of me and I burnt a hole in my shirt.

 I was like I'm on fire! You were on fire and then this one was so big that I'd like a duck for cover. 

right now what they're doing, they're launching this huge Lantern we just got into the area where we sit down and we're gonna launch our lanterns look at this place they have all these seats set up and there's like a big temple we're trying to find our seats in this huge area. 

there's got to be how many seats? five thousand seats. so we have to find the two that are ours. look at this, it's so awesome.

 we just got so lucky we have the aisle so hopefully, we're gonna be able to get good photos and video for you guys.

 oh, we got nice seats. we got some good seats to look at that it's so cool and there's like mist coming out of it.

 we have our seats now we're just relaxing and waiting because now there's going to be a performance and some dancers and some sort of Thai festival performance and then we're all going to get up and launch our lanterns all at the same time this place is gonna be just madness they're passing out the lanterns now. okay, 

ladies and gentlemen, we're going to light the lantern at the same time when you hear the music on the stage okay make that wish it's not going to go No I don't think it's gonna go. I'm afraid it's going to go down... yeah let's take it down.

 This was amazing! So good, like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity oh my god. Bucket list, checked. oh my god. like OMG should be written across the screen right now that was just insane. 

one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever encountered.that was the most beautiful experience I've ever had I just I'm speechless. 

My breath was taken away when I launched that lantern into the air it was so, I was emotional and choked up and that usually doesn't happen but like this was crazy. Stacia's caught on fires there was a huge hole on the side and we blew it. 

We were like oh no I don't think it's gonna release! it was not going to release, like so much hot air was coming out the sides.

 I felt so sad inside for her I was like I'm gonna find another lantern and I was like hold on hold on. we lifted it back up and just let the air fill it and like the little engine that could, that thing took off and it floated like really low above people's heads. and all of a sudden it just took right off.

 so happy, I can't do anything without this man we're such a good team.

We are a good team. so if my lantern didn't lift off it would have been sad.they say if you make your wish and you see your lantern float up into the sky and it stays lit the entire time as far as you can watch it float away then the wish that you made will come true if you do good deeds throughout the year. 

our wishes are definitely coming true so excited, so happy. so this was, it is a little bit touristy at the beginning but hands down this is a must-see.

 I would almost say come and plan your trip to Chiang Mai around this festival its that beautiful, that spiritual, that amazing. the camaraderie within the crowd, yeah everybody was cheering each other on it was just such a great experience. I just feel so good inside right now.

 we want to say a huge thank you to Asia Hight for getting us these tickets so last minute we really appreciate you.

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