Kite Festival in Jaipur | Indian Festival |

Kite Festival in Jaipur | Indian Festival |

Kite Festival in Jaipur (India) let's have a fun !!!

Kite festival in Jaipur

Hello guys how are you there I have kite and  Reel with me today is MAKAR SANKRANTI !!!

One of the biggest festivals of JAIPUR.

Roofs are full of PEOPLE flying KITES on almost all roofs, the whole city is in festive mood today.

Evening firecrackers lots of fun ahead.
You should have a KITE and REEL full of thread called SADDA  MANJA and kite it made of thin PAPER.     

This REEL full of thread called SADDA we will tie this kite with thread take some tread and double-fold. 

we have to Make TWO holes on u side and TWO holes in downside if you don't get a PIN to hole don't worry you can rub like this on the ground which I use to do a lot now put thread into these holes I tie two knots with tread both upside and downside.

 Now thread should be tilting upside a little bit we will tie like it before flying it.

we have to fold it like this for the smooth operation you will have fun doing it now we need MANJA ( a special thread to cut others KITE ).

If we fly without MANJA it will be easy to cut so many kites flying in the sky.

So we need protection now see where the wind is blowing you cant fly it against the wind.

We have MANJA reel this can cost you around Rs. 300-400 ( $5-6)  

I have bought it for the best shop here.      

This year I didn't buy it bcoz let it from last year which saved my money.

Now I am going to fly this kite and fly it easily.

So many people on roofs wonderful to seem them all around while in JAIPUR you must  BE in OLD CITY To enjoy this day.

Everyone is busy to fly kite to hold the reel, to have fun to watch others fly kite, kids having fully enjoying.  

Just guide like this and it will fly like ROCKET.

When someone cut a kite in the sky fight they say "  WO KATA"....." WO KATA".

 These kids are enjoying a lot today having FUN.

Now my little brother BITTU has come and we are going to MOHITS HOME. 

Today we will meet BITTU. So, guys we come from one ROOF to another but festivity is still on this is Mohit my Lil brother and amazing atmosphere today.

We are standing in front of NAHARGARH FORT.  

Let me tell you some story behind this festival name MAKAR SANKRANTI derived from GOD of all sun-signs is GOD  SUN  God Sun change transit from DHANU TO MAKAR.

And is the best time for rituals, and so holy time of the year as per our HINDU culture this day is one of the best to do Charity.           

Enjoy the day and ply with kites....thanks for reading.

 So here you have kite guys its 6 O CLOCK now and people are starting to burst firecrackers.    

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