Ganesh Chaturti in India | Festival of India |

Ganesh Chaturti in India | Festival of India |

Ganesh Chaturti - a festival of India

Ganesh Chaturti in India

India is celebrating the Ganesh festival and I am going downtown to enjoy it.

 Today India is celebrating Ganesh Chaturti and that is Birthday of Lord Ganesha. 

This festival goes for ten days and today being the first day his Idol will be installed throughout the town in every place.

Every corner of the city lord Ganesh idol is situated. 

The whole day it's been raining now it stopped and a little bit of sunshine is there time is 5 pm.

Hopefully, it won't rain at night there won't be fun otherwise so let's go and find someone some friend to go along with you keep watching the temple you saw is not of Ganesha Sidlesham Malayam some south Indian temple.

I am just waiting here and calling my friend will call him I have to go to market area parking is hard to find parking is not available vehicles everywhere two-wheeler is more I have parked and have to walk to reach market area should take 5 minutes.

Festivity mood is in the air here its quite good and it's not raining so all is good Ganesh festival is celebrated throughout India.

But in Maharashtra State its quiet in bigger magnitude it has been celebrated for ten days whole ten days its festivity in every lane.

Every place the Bigger Idols will be installed in the evening now a small one for home or offices are been taken.

I am in Shankar Nagar Nagpur its good atmosphere here festivity atmosphere everywhere sweets flowers people are buying and I am roaming alone.

My friend is yet to come, I am in Ram Nagar celebration is just starting herer drums been seen drums been played everywhere.

These all will be played today to bring Lord Ganesha's Idol.

It will be fun to hope it's going to be interesting with me mostly auspicious time is for the evening ....its just been starting drums can be heard.  

I speak very softly my voice is not clear ahead is some drums been played let's go and see probably will get some content so here they are taking lord Ganesha's Idol for installation you can hear the drums.

Behind me is the idol of Lord Ganesha and they are waiting for their band to come so that they can take it to there locality.

where they belong to its gonna be fun I am waiting for them to come their band has come now they are making arrangements to play the music soon they will be loud.     

It is very loud you won't hear is very synchronized bits at all this is just the starting it's an evening I am waiting for my friend he is about to come hopefully battery will last I am not sure about the camera battery he is my friend DD Vinod Shrinivas he made me wait for long how are you DD...

 let's take images and video all is well today's mood rain spoiled and we are sitting and going for a cup of tea going to have tea yes for chai (Tea).

It's raining heavily.............. weather is awesome.

Now, I cannot say it DD will say Today is Ganesh Chaturthi and the weather here with rain has become awesome.

We are thinking here in this rainy weather to have a cup of tea and Nagpur's tea is famous here tea is made strong and strong tea in such weather is refreshing.

So let's go we drink tea we came to drink tea it's raining here quite a lot of tea here is famous in Nagpur City.

We will drink and move ahead, well I am going back home it's raining still quiet heavily continuous roads are filled with water.

So nothing much happened did not find much to show you guys hopefully will see tomorrow for something tomorrow something will happen another blog is soon...Good Night Bye !!!

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