First Day to Final Day of Tomorrow land

First Day to Final Day of Tomorrow land

Seriously this Amazing thing is Happens in Tomorrow Land?

When I go to a music festival in LA, people are naked, you know? Everyone was staring and I was just there in my one-piece like oh okay, I'm really exposed now.

 And here we are. - And here we are. (girls laughing) (festive electronic music),

Hey guys, We're in Belgium right now and we're about to attend Tomorrowland which is one of the biggest EDM music festivals in the whole world.

 I've gone to a lot of music festivals since I was in high school because I really like electronic music. Going to Tomorrowland has been my dream and finally, we had the opportunity to come so I am so excited.

 I have always heard a lot of great things about it.

 So, this is a three-day music festival where everyone from all around the world comes to a party, it's crazy actually.

 I've seen pictures where everyone's holding flags and it's literally the whole world comes to party together.

 We're gonna try the different food and drinks here and show you guys kind of how it is and yeah, we're gonna party!

It's gonna be a long weekend. Yeah, but probably the best ever.

 We're excited, let's go!. So, we're inside Tomorrowlandand we got this little card where we can put money in. They have their own cashless currency called Pearls and festival goers can transfer them onto their wristbands.

 20 euros equals about 12.5 Pearls.

 We also got a map so we know where to go.

 There are16 stages which are crazy. This is the biggest festival I've been to. They also have this Tomorrowland app where you can see the lineup and check who's playing where at which time.

 I can even create my own schedule by clicking on the hearts and here's what I made for today. 

Cool thing, we have a refreshment point here. There are hair salons, tattoo shops, as well as a bunch of food stands. 

Pasta! - I had some Mai Tais! 

 Ladies and gentlemen, this is our home. This is where we started, this is Tomorrowland!.

Hi, everyone, One thing I have to warn you about is we really have to walk a lot because there are 16 stages and it's like a whole village.

 I'm ready. Yeah, The vibe here is truly amazing.

 I've seen flags from all around the world and it's definitely different from the festivals I've been to in America, but most importantly, it is about everyone coming together in one place and enjoying it together. 

 How long have you been playing at Tomorrowland?
-Fourth-year, nice. (melodic electronic music) Okay!!

So it's day three and it's the last day of Tomorrowland.

 I can't believe we already did two days.

 I think more than three days is not possible, but today we will do our best. I think I can still party today, although I am getting like a little tired.

So... Got some small eye rings already. That's mean dark circles.

 You see my eye rings? Yesterday, we actually tried to find one of the restaurants there, because I heard Tomorrowland is famous for having actual really good restaurants on-site and apparently some of them have Michelin star.

 But, we went to a couple of restaurants there, because again it's so far from each other that you have to walk so much to get to one place and we tried to find at least two of them, but they were all booked or closed already. 

So, I think today that gonna be our goal, to find the restaurant we can actually eat in.

 Yeah, early enough, but the food we had at the food stands, we had pasta again and you had pizza ( my friend).

 That was good. Yeah, so here's our last day and hopefully, we survive.

 Hands up, hands up, hands up! - How long have you been playing at Tomorrowland? 2013? So it's been like six, seven years? - Yeah.- Yeah, wow! Can you do the hum for us? 

Tomorrowland, thank you so much! This is the fish. (upbeat festive music).

 So that was an amazing dinner, I'm so glad we got to experience this before we left and now back to dancing. 

 Every festival holds its own special memory for me, but Tomorrowland was a magical experience I will cherish forever.

 It was something I dreamed of since high school and finally attending meant so much to me. 

Three days full of love, dancing, new friends from all around the world, and even getting to meet some of my favorite DJs. 

I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it. I recommend it to anyone who loves music and we'll definitely be back another year. Thank you, Tomorrowland. 

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